Zoner GIF Animator

Zoner GIF Animator 7.5

Creates custom GIF animations from scratch

Make your own GIF by adding WMF or EMF vector images, when selecting the desired background. The tool includes a texture generator with hundreds of basic textures, which can be mixed together into a huge array of complex ones. It's great for creating trick banners that simulate the Windows system controls.

The new Zoner GIF Animator 5 is a tool for creating images in the animated GIF format. Helps you create "trick banners" showing simulated Windows system controls (dialogs, message boxes, buttons, etc.) Find out more. Lets you restore animation frames' original states. Find out more. Its texture generator offers practically infinite textures in hundreds of basic types. Lets you directly add WMF and EMF vector images to frames. Lets you set an animation's background color.

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